RFC 6: JSON Improvements


This RFC describes improvements to pycsw’s JSON support to provide a more natural, efficient approach to the current capability.

The current approach takes an lxml.etree.Element object and converts it to a Python dict which is then converted to JSON by Python’s default json implementation. Below is a snippet of JSON output of a GetRecords request with outputFormat=application/json specified:

      "tag": "csw30:SummaryRecord",
      "children": [
          "text": "urn:uuid:19887a8a-f6b0-4a63-ae56-7fba0e17801f",
          "tag": "dc:identifier"
          "text": "Lorem ipsum",
          "tag": "dc:title"
          "text": "http:\/\/purl.org\/dc\/dcmitype\/Image",
          "tag": "dc:type"
          "text": "Tourism--Greece",
          "tag": "dc:subject"
          "text": "image\/svg+xml",
          "tag": "dc:format"
          "text": "Quisque lacus diam, placerat mollis, pharetra in, commodo sed, augue. Duis iaculis arcu vel arcu.",
          "tag": "dct:abstract"

Proposed Solution

The xmltodict Python module provides parsing/serialization support in a manner which provides a closer mapping to / from an XML content model. For the pycsw JSON codepath this results in:

Below is the same snippet using xmltodict:

  "csw30:SummaryRecord": [
      "dc:identifier": "urn:uuid:19887a8a-f6b0-4a63-ae56-7fba0e17801f",
      "dc:title": "Lorem ipsum",
      "dc:type": "http:\/\/purl.org\/dc\/dcmitype\/Image",
      "dc:subject": "Tourism--Greece",
      "dc:format": "image\/svg+xml",
      "dct:abstract": "Quisque lacus diam, placerat mollis, pharetra in, commodo sed, augue. Duis iaculis arcu vel arcu."

As a Python module xmltodict has no further dependencies. Debian/Ubuntu package development is required.


Activating the feature

JSON support is enabled by default. All JSON output support will be generated using xmltodict.

Files affected

Backwards Compatibility Issues

The update in the JSON format represents a compatability break and will only be implemented in master branch as part of the 2.0 release. This functionality will not be backported to other branches.

Affected unit tests will be updated and CITE tests will be 100% successful.

Internal Interface changes


Performance Implications




Debian/Ubuntu package development is required. Discussion and consensus is also required on dealing with downstream applications like GeoNode and CKAN.


Documentation will be updated as required.


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Voting History

+1 from @ahinz, @amercader, @capooti, @kalxas, @tomkralidis


Adopted on 2016-01-24